A Whippet and an IG "linked" together!  
Photo above: My Whippet "Smarty" and IG friend "Gucci" taken when "linked" together in sleep after a long walk!
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The Danish Kennel Club: Dansk Kennel Klub (DKK)

Link to the Danish Sighthound Club "Myndeklubben": www.myndeklubben.dk

Get your Whippet and IG clothing from England:

For a very caring Saluki rescue site in America: www.stola.org
Danish Greyhound breeder: www.eikica.dk A site for the rare sighthound breed "Sloughi" click on: www.sloughis.de

Swedish Greyhound Club (for show Greyhounds), which has of course pages in English too, click here: http://www.greyhound.nu

Norwegian Greyhound Site: www.anotherstory.nu

Interested in the sighthound breed Galgo Espanol? Click on: http://www.galgoseite.de

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