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This is the continued story of Italian Greyhound Dasher started in July 2009 - see old blogs. The latest "happenings" will be put on at the top at frequent intervals, so the story unfolds from the bottom and up! He lives with his nephew Solo.
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(Photo: Italians Dasher, nearly 11 years (on right) and Solo, 7 years on left.)
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Wednesday the 23rd of December 2020
- and the twelfth blog!
It is so misty and gloomy here at 9.30 in the morning.
Below, waiting to get in!

Below: A delivery of "Hike" dog food and they know there is always a little, tasty chew-stick gift for them! Solo can't wait to get it out. He finds it straight away.

Friday the 11th of December
I got the world's prettiest Christmas card yesterday!

Thursday the 10th of December
I was trying to photograph the two Day Care ladies as the small children are so cute in their mini "Santa hats", one has to smile and be happy, when one, Sussi Tronborg, photographed me - and the dogs. The dogs were dying to cross the road to reach her as she often in the past, has given them delicious goodies!

Sussi takes a photo...

...and below is what she took!

- and then me struggling to put my camera away underneath all my layers of winter wear. Thank you Sussi!

Later on Solo stole the (now empty!) Toffifee box that I was given as a present!

Sunday the 6th of December
Fauna was picked up today, she was SO pleased and jumped about for joy - and oh boy is the house seeming empty now! The two bandits have gone very quiet too. That was their Christmas fun! Last three pictures...

Enjoying the last bone here...

Saturday the 5th of December
Looking after Whippet Fauna again for 3 days! She fell in with our habits straight immediately and told me this morning, when it was time for a walk! I take her first and then the two bandits straight afterwards.

"When are we going? Can't you speed it up?"

Before leaving, I pop in the bathroom and OF COURSE she has to escort me every time!
Above and below: They play silly games together.

Below: At the gate, she always checks to see if my friend is coming to pick her up! Wishful thinking!

Monday the 1st of December
Time for turning heads with Dasher's Father Christmas outfit! (Thank you Dorthe!) Below: The first frost.

Above: View from the front door this morning!

Wednesday the 25th of November
Solo is 8 years old today! How time flies.

My thoughts go to the lovely family who bred him and hoping they are all ok in these tough times...

Friday the 20th of November
Solo is ready for a game and makes mock growling sounds! I have to pretend to grab it.

Had the family to lunch last Sunday and only took a couple of pictures! Here my son is trying to find something he wants to show us on his iPhone whilst being kissed by Solo - not easy to concentrate!

Below, in weak sun and a high wind, I took the long walk over the fields.

I'm not sure what is growing here now, but the dogs enjoyed eating some, see below!
Above right: Solo knows I am coming to sit here but is enjoying my chair until the moment comes when I tell him to get down!

Friday the 6th of November
Denmark's most caring Day Care ladies have got themselves some special electric cycles! You can't see it, but they are laughing loudly all over their faces! Undercover and out of the rain are about six of the cutest "under threes".

(I have sent them this photo!)
Wednesday the 28th of October
Colourful autumn leaves - and they are falling down fast!

Wednesday the 21st of October
I was invited to a summer-house in the Autumn school holiday week and of course the dogs had to supervise the dishwasher! But they didn't approve of the nearby beach - no chance of running on those awful stones.

Below: Walking around the fields again last week:

The view from the bench now unhindered by tall crops growing in the field!

Below: Here it was in June!

Monday the 12th of September
I was amazed at seeing so many fungi in one big group on the dog walk this morning!

Sunday the 11th of September
I take the dogs go to lure coursing at Slangerup/Jørlunde yesterday...

...and we get a lift both ways! Wonderful! Below: Solo on my lap, (illegally, as the airbag would crush him in an accident), and Dasher on their travel rug between my feet.

This is because the back of the small car is filled with my friend's three lovely whippets!

Here they all are with my kind friend:

Below our clever photographer trying hard to photo two salukis together who have difficulty in posing!

Below: Greeting another Whippet!

The Danish Sighthound Club's Chairman having a man to man chat with his Saluki!

Below: We thought we could leave the girls in the car, (better than in a chilly cage on the wet grass), but one of them went beserkers and tore some of the ceiling down! Horrors!

Below: A Saluki about to drive off!

Below: Solo's run and first photo of me and the "Starter" by Kaj Frøling.

Below left: I am holding his collar about to release him and his eyes are fixed on the "hare" in front of him!
Right: I've just released him.
He ran perfectly and very fast on the lovely, freshly cut and smooth grass - and then thoroughly killed the "hare"!

See the clever camera man Kaj Frøling with his enormous lens in the far distance of this photo.
He took the following action photos below:


Solo the would-be hare killer giving it all he's got!

Then it was Dasher's turn.
I had said he would stop racing now, he is 12 years next May, but I let him have a last "Pensioner's run", which is much shorter, because the grass was so fine for running on! He went wild and ran just as fast and loved it. He IS in top form and badly wanted to run again! However, I must say stop now as it's better to be safe than sorry - it's a wild sport only for very the fittest. His age in human years must be about 60/65?

Below: More brilliant photos by Kaj Frøling. Below Dasher giving his all - and for the last time, boo hoo.
A good time was had by all!
(Especially me, as it's so nice having a lift!)

Sunday the 4th of September
We go to a family birthday party - and I get a lift both ways! Luxury! The dogs LOVE to drive in cars and on busses and Solo sits ready to go but Dasher isn't sure he can jump so high! (I use safety harnesses, so they are fixed in their seat! You can see them lying there)

Trying to guess where we will go. Below: Dasher is in ecstasy with all the extra petting!
Right: Note the envious eyes watching while Grandchild eats chocolate!

Solo jumps up whenever he can.

"So what's so funny about the way I am sitting?"

Tuesday the 29th of September
The corn is growing fast ...

and the dogs are loving eating some! Below: Looking back the way I came.

Monday the 21st of September
We had a couple of VERY misty days.

It was rather fun walking around unable to see very far!

Below: Solo keeping an eye on me.

Dasher looking silly with his tongue hanging out!

Sunday the 20th of September
With the help of Apple Watch, I walked around the house following exactly the trail where the dogs run every day. I found that one run around the house was 70 meters long. (This was at MY slow speed!)

They normally run 5 times around and this is done 3 times a day, (before each meal), which gives: 5 x 70m = 350m then times that with 3 times a day and I was totally shocked to find that they run 1050 meters every day, come rain or shine! I was truly amazed! Just think that once, they ran 10 times around 3 times a day! Unbelievable now that I know how far they run! (And I take them on a walk every day at about 2 km!)
No wonder they are in top form and absolutely brilliant at Lure coursing! After a year or two with the 10 times around, I cut it down to 8 then to 5 times and now I think that due to their age, (11 and soon 8 years), I should cut it down to 3or 4 run-arounds 3 times a day. They take it very seriously and run really fast! Afterwards, in seconds, they stop panting and go back to normal breathing, which is a sign of good health: A very quick recovery. Whereas poor Fauna, who gave it all she had to try to catch up with mine, (who I sent off a little ahead of her as she could easily mow them down), was not used to using SO much extreme energy and was left panting hard for a couple of minutes afterwards! Here are some still photos taken from several short videos my son made on Saturday. Pity I never got pictures of Fauna, but she had gone home by that time.
They give it all they've got!
THEY decide the speed - they could just walk around!
Monday the 14th of September
I had promised Dasher and Solo that we would take the very long walk over the fields today. It was hazy.

Here we met two Day Care mothers with about 6 small toddlers, one little boy was crying, but he cheered up when he could give titbits to each of the dogs. Here they get even more! Very kind. They know this lady well.

Below: Before we left for the walk, I called Solo and this is how the bed looked after he had jumped out of it, so funny! He is an expert in rolling the blanket around himself.

We miss Fauna terribly, there's a strange emptiness here now...

Sunday the 13th of September
After lunch, Fauna eats her last plum here!

Her mistress came at 2pm and Fauna was SOOO happy and jumped up and down like a yo-yo but my camera failed to catch a jump in mid-air - what a shame. The others greeted her warmly too.

Below: It isn't me any more who has to be supervised in the bathroom, because now it is her darling mistress's turn! I count for nothing when her "One and Only" is here!!!

Saturday the 12th of September
My son and daughter-in-law very kindly drove me all the way to a field on the island of Fyn where the Sighthound Club was holding a lure coursing day. The weather was horrid, very windy so the dogs froze and some rain for a while. Consequently, I hardly took any photos.

The grass had grown much too long, so walking around in the uneven field was very difficult, not least tough for the dogs who had to run in it. I took just a few shots where they greeted a few of the others.
Then we had to wait nearly 2 hours as the hare-machine battery was flat, then the remote control wouldn't work and they found that the over-long grass prevented the “hare" from gliding around all the metal pulleys where it would zig-zag, so someone had to go around and trim all round every single one of them and there were MANY! Fauna travelled in her own cage in the boot, but while we waited, we all sat cozily together inside the car.
Solo ran first and due to the drizzle I have no photos, but he quickly became unsighted when the "hare" dashed suddenly off to the right and disappeared in the long grass. He spent a few minutes searching in vain, and then came straight back to me. I was glad he did not run the very long course in all the wet mud and long grass. Not easy when you are very little! Then it was Fauna's turn, seen here waiting behind a trailer because she went crazy if she could see the hare! She showed us she could come out of her collar AND the black harness for riding in cars on the back seat, so see here how we had her in TWO leads!!! We dare not risk anything!

Below: Me holding her ready to start - and she is so keen to kill that "hare", she is quite hysterical with impatience - note the admiring ATV driver is looking back and laughing at her.

Below: She's off!

Below, flying along, the "hare" is vaguely white and way ahead of her.

Below: At the top of the very steep hill, the "hare" gets too far ahead and she doesn't see how it shoots down the far side completely out of her sight - see the arrow - plus the long grass hides it.

Below: She races wildy around all over the top and up and down but still cannot see it, while it moves even further away in an attempt to attract her into HEARING it move. See red arrow on left.
Finally, she does hear it move, rushes over and continues chasing off to the left out of the picture and second part of the course. Here she again loses sight of it, not her fault at all, the grass is FAR too long and so many steep hills. Again, she rushes madly around barking while I run, (or rather wade and stumble!), over to the “hare” to pick it up and show it to her, so she can go after it again - but before I get there, the kind ATV driver runs over before me. As soon as Fauna saw him waving the "hare", she raced off after it and completed the course in fine style, having run nearly the double distance due to spending so much time running all over looking for it! Well done Fauna! We were VERY pleased. She got a LOT of praise from the ATV driver, who was full of admiration for her performance. Probably the best run of the day. Her success just made our dull and difficult day end in a great way.
Thursday the 10th of September
Fauna enjoys her Chinese cabbage yesterday, in the privacy of the utility room! Otherwise, if she drops a bit - it's gone in a flash!
Above: Solo has many other uses but one is to function as Fauna's sex toy! Below, she has a good bone, which they would like to have, so follow her around.

Above: Fauna is still chewing a bone.

Above: See how they can bite in play yet never a squeak - they never hurt each other. This is because they are well practised in being careful from puppyhood.

"Isn't it lunch time soon?"
Above: I've started shutting her out of the bathroom, but the minute I open, she's inside! Left is out of focus because in order to get her still lying down outside, I fired the shutter BEFORE opening the door, so it hasn't had anything to focus on! She presses her feet on the door!
See the expression on her face, pleading for me to stop shutting her out!
Monday the 7th of September
Fauna supervises everything I do! But first, on the morning walk. Fauna spots a woman in the far distance who is cutting her hedge. I have to wait while she stands and lovingly wags her tail!

Next, we pass the school and she wags at some children in the distance! She is just SO friendly!
Finally, after six days of seeing my two enthusiastically crunch their Chinese cabbage, (the white stalk), after dinner, she gives in and eats hers! Watched by Solo, who is ready to grab it. Mine insist on it as "dessert" after dinner and never forgive me if I run out! They can glare at me for ages!

Below: Supervising me mowing the lawn.

Below: Then I cut the grass in their "toilet area"! This needs supervising as well.

Above: Solo has now taught her to eat plums! But she too knows to leave the stone. Only Dasher eats the stone, the fool, and sicks them up later in the night!

Saturday the 5th of September
"Can we come in, please?"

Below: "Togetherness!"

Below: "Isn't it lunch time soon?"

She wanted to supervise the vacuum cleaning on Friday, so I shut her out for 10 minutes!

Thursday the 3rd of September
She is my shadow and thinks I have to be supervised at all times, even in the bathroom!

Above, early morning.
Fauna is exceptionally loving over ALL people and children. She wags her tail if she just HEARS a child’s voice. A most unusual dog. Here is what happened on this morning’s walk. From a some distance we could see a large removal van, empty of all goods, but a man was standing inside putting away some "blankets" lying around on the floor.
At first, Fauna stopped up and was staring and I could see exactly the moment when her brain registered: "A HUMAN!!!" because suddenly her tail wagged enthusiastically! (A shame I did not get any photographs of any of this.) We approached the removal van on our route and I ALWAYS say "hello" to everyone I meet, but Fauna pulled wildly and insisted on greeting him more "properly". She jumped up on the sloping metal lift slide, trotted up and walked a little into the van - as far as she could for the lead I was firmly holding, and greeted him warmly! All the while I explained to him that she was the most loving dog in the world and so HAD to say “hallo” everyone! (I could see on his face and body language that he was a willing part of these antics, otherwise I would have pulled her on past him.) He immediately bent down and they cuddled together and he petted her just as she wanted, her tail waving enthusiastically! It looked just like the two had always known each other and this was a great reunion after many months of separation, ha ha! That’s how Fauna is!
I also jokingly told him what my friend had said, about that all burglars breaking in to her house would be warmly welcomed by Fauna!
But then I could give him some crisis help… It suddenly burst out of him that just a few hours ago he had handed over his very sick dog to the vet. (I was very shocked and dreaded what he was about to tell me!) This is because it had a bad inflammation of the uterus and had to be operated on and the uterus removed. He seemed very upset and worried. So I could be comforting. We agreed on the pain it must have had was now getting sorted and taken away. I said I knew that this inflammation is known to be quite "common" among bitches, I have heard of it many times, and the vet will probably do the operation just fine – as they are used to it, and I said that he will probably get "a whole new overjoyed dog" back afterwards! (When the pain from the operation has gone. But it will get painkillers.) It will probably be happier than ever and get a great new lease of life! And I ended up wishing “good recovery” with it etc.
So it’s funny what can happen on a little walk. Fauna was the direct reason I could comfort a complete stranger, who was not very happy! I hurried home where the other two were waiting for their walk. (I walk two times so the others can dash around on their 5m leads - and she should not experience seeing their HATRED for all other non-greyhound dogs either!) Otherwise it's going just fine here, she remembers a whole lot, even though it's a while ago.

Above, she is trying to look out of my office window.

Above: In the morning, "When are we going for the walk, then?"
Wednesday the 2nd of September
I'm looking after my friend's Whippet! She is the sweetest dog - and Dasher and Solo adore her! But she only has eyes for Solo though!

Later on, in the garden, she has a bone.

Dasher circles around her - he never wanted the bone - until she took it!
Below: Later, I let them out into the driveway and Fauna can see that "Mum" HAS left, as she feared. But she is content with me - and I stroke her a lot!

Thursday the 27th of August
Solo is plucking his own plums - again!

Family on a visit and I couldn't resist this photo!

Below: Dried dog food swells up, of course. Anything dried shrivels in to the half. But don't forget to check your choice of dog food to see how much it swells. A small amount can become enormous in the dog's stomach after an hour or so – and be harmful. Here, this brand swells to the double. which is normal. (I put one piece in water for 2 hours and keep one identical piece alongside for comparison.) Always check, as some dog food swells to FOUR times as much and could be harmful if the owner does not know and allow for this when measuring out a meal...

Thursday the 20th of August
I went on the long walk over the fields today in hazy weather. It has long been far too hot and sunny.

The bench has its' view back after harvesting!

That was the end of THAT toy...

Below, the toy shortly beforehand!

Below, my patio one warm evening.

Monday the 10th of August
Two hares in a nearby field.

Went to Lure coursing with the dogs yesterday and had a great day, even though it was 32 degress in the shade. We often complain of the cold, but never before have we had SUCH good weather! The dogs took it well and there was a hose to water/cool them down after they had run. I got the 8.38 bus to the station where I met a kind frind who not only gave me a lift all the way, but even had a cage with her for my two! There were 5 dogs in the car! The cages were in a special holder fixed behind on the boot. Below on the short bus ride:

Below the three cages!
Above, greeting the other dogs!

Above: Waiting to start. Below: He's off! That is the sea in the distance!

Below: Solo flying off. Dasher didn't run. I am retiring him now as he is 11 years old and always run so well. Good I did, as the heat was awful.

Below: My friend's dog had a second run, now with another Whippet. They were very well matched.

A wonderful day - but way too hot! But mustn't complain about a spot of good weather!
Friday the 7th of August
Too hot to get UNDER the blanket - we are in a heat wave! Right: I spotted a poorly bee in the driveway, so I gave it some lavender and it was very pleased and could fly off after a feed!

Above: An assortment of Butterflies - suddenly, after a slow start, we have MANY! Below: Dasher asleep- it is necessary to have a good neck if you are a sighthound!

Sunday the 26th of July
Rainy day, hence the coat. They spotted a cat! The ginger one who also was sleeping where we normally have a bonfire. He's in many of my photos!

Below: I spotted a nonchalant hare on the morning dog walk.

Saturday the 25th of July 2020
I enjoyed a lift to Lure coursing yesterday - and had a wonderful day amongst friends, and the dogs of course loved it. Not many photos from me.
From the venue: Waiting their turn.

Below, Dasher running like mad. Our phoographer Kaj Frøling is the dark shape on his knees to the right! Below shows how clever Dasher cuts the corner off knowing the "hare" will turn at the red marker cone.

Below: Greeting two other Italian "girls"!

Below: Here is Dasher starting.

All the wonderful photos below are taken by Saluki owner Kaj Frøling, who takes a most incredible shots with his enormous camera lens! Thank you so much Kaj! Enjoy!
Below, The "Starter" holds his hands up as a signal to the man driving the hare machine, that we are ready to start. Solo is waiting impatiently!

A great time was had by all!

Wednesday the 15th of July
We are having some cloudy mornings. This is the rape seed field.

My two red current bushes have gone mad and produced SO MANY berries! I've already frozen 4-5 kilos.

Below: Solo was given this amusing lobster toy by his previous owners 7 years ago - and it is still going strong!
Below: "I dare you to take my toy!"

Below my patio of an evening. The Petunias are sent in the post in the spring - and are VERY cheap as small "babies" - then they grow enormous!

Below: The dogs having a wrestling match! They go for the throat in play but never hurt each other, there's never a squeak, they know how much to bite without harming.
Monday the 29th of June
At last somewhere to go where the dogs can travel with me and have fun! My youngst grandchild's birthday party yesterday! They are angels on bus and train and in my oldest son's car where we were picked up from the station. The garden is fenced in and we should have eaten outside, but a hard shower of rain sent us all rushing indoors - but the weather was nicely hot! Below, as usual, waiting for the bus.
Below: Sitting on the bus floor on way to the train station.

Below: Sitting at my feet on the train! I have to pay for them, they cost one person extra.

Below: A drone picture of my youngest son's house where we all met!

After we dashed inside out of the rain, the younger guests ate at the coffee table so the dogs were hoping for tit-bits!

Below: Dasher watching out for crumbs dropping down! No dirty floors where my dogs are!
Below right: Solo resting near me.

Above, the simply fabulous birthday cake!

Above: I took the train back home to our nearest station, but being a Sunday, there was a long wait for the bus - so I took a taxi. Here we are crammed in the front seat! Solo on my lap and Dasher between my feet. They have done this in cars many a time. Below: 32 degrees on the patio Saturday!

Below: Dasher running around the house - showing my lovely roses.

Below, my first strawberries - a bit late this year.

Thursday the 25thof June
From the slightly overgrown walk over the fields yesterday!

Below: I was laughing as someone has sensibly turned this bench around! Before, it looked out over a view for several miles of fields, but then the rape grew op so you could barely sit there! (See below16th of May.) Now one can sit on it at least!

Monday the 22nd of June
I ordered some snacks and chew-bones for the dogs and they were thrilled to help me unpack! Only they didn't get anything - first after lunch!
Normally we would celebrate Saint Hans evening in Denmark on the 23rd with a huge bonfire with a witch on top and plenty of fun, singing, eating and drinking, but due to Corona virus, it is all off this year. Just the local ginger cat this morning sleeping on the very spot where we would hold the bonfire!
Solo is an expert in wrapping himself up!
Below: Earlier, I wrote about Denmark being perfumed all over with Lilac trees, now the perfume is even more intense - of hundreds of Elderberry flowers! My tree is to the right in these photos and loaded with cream coloured flowers.

Wednesday the 17th of June
I love the way I can look out of the back door and see lovely summer weather and then walk over to the front door and see bad weather on the way! Two different worlds depending on which door! (And it all passed by and never rained a drop!)

Solo loves to come to me shaking a toy and doing mock "threatening growling" like he's saying: "See what I've got and you can't have it, so there!" So I pretend to grab it, and he loves this as he knows I won't!
Below: My lovely rhododenron at it's best. All gone now and dying flowers picked off - if only it would last longer.

Friday the 29th of May
It is well and truly "lilac time" here in Denmark and there are MANY, both purposely planted and growing "wild". My whole area is perfumed with them. This path is lined with a mix of 4 colours plus syringa and various other flowering bushes.

Below: I have an extra pretty one with fancy edges!

Below: Running around the house and now there are "pom-poms"!
Below, warming their backs in the morning sun while waiting for a walk.
Below: After a bird in the hedge!

Last February 2019, (over a year ago), I casually asked my son to bring a bag of Frolic, (4 kg) with him next time he came. (He could get it cheaply.) I use it, each ring broken into 4 pieces (!) as bait when the dogs run around the house 5 times, 3 times a day - which equals just 9 Frolic a day!) Next day when I came back home from the morning dog walk, the postman was busy delivering a huge box containing 2x7 1/2 kilos – all the way from a big pet shop in Germany in under 24 hours! I laughed and laughed. VERY kind of him and a big surprise! I would not be asking him for a VERY long time. I am now on the last bag and ordered 1x7 1/2 kilos box from the same place!

Friday the 22nd of May
A ghastly photo of Solo showing his cataract and with his tongue out because I have just stroked him! He is about to duck down and sleep under an imitation lambskin in a dog bed beside my chair...

...while Dasher mucks about on the sofa!

Saturday the 16th of May
Photos from the past week: I take the rape field walk again!

This bench usually commands a fantastic view for simply miles, but now, if you can squeeze in there, you have a view of max 1 cm with rape flowers tickling up your nostrils!!!

We meet the Day Care ladies sitting a while out of the cold wind. The dogs get generous treats!

Below, I have cut the grass and am ready to receive a visit from the queen, it looks so wonderful! The dogs could not find me and came running when they spotted me!

Solo is sunning himself by the nearly deflated "have a nice day in these hard Corona times" helium balloon gift! It is tied to the chair and was up at the ceiling at first - a month and a half ago.

Saturday the 9th of May
The dogs using clear body language to show me I should bring their bed outside! "We want it put HERE, Mum!"
So of course their slave goes and fetches it and brings it outside. THEN they are happy!

Wednesday the 6th of May 2020
Pretty and dramatic scene on the dog walk this morning!

Tuesday the 5th of May

I order a lot of things on the web and a lot of boxes are delivered here, but when it is DOG FOOD, the dogs of course can smell it a mile off and willingly help me unpack!

Monday the 4th of May
Dasher is 11 years old today! Here is a photo taken at 9 weeks right after we brought him back home and he was very surprised at everything new and staring at the two Whippets in amazement. (We took them with us when we fetched him, so they were together in the car all the way home.) He looks so cute! He's proved to be the most loving and well-behaved Italian ever! Never jumps on tables!!! Thank you Arne! You did a great job.

Thursday the 30th of April
Son visit and more drone flying and the dogs are totally bored with it!

Above: It is hovering just above Dasher, at top of picture.

The weather is cold and no sun, so Solo sits on the "launching pad" cushion!

Above: My beautiful Japanese Cherry - that I could admire for days before rain finally hit and started ruining it!
Below: The rape again from Tuesday, (a week after the shot below), but no sun - and we have some rainy days ahead...shame as it is a BLINDING yellow when the sun comes out.

Tuesday the 21st of April
A wonderful walk over the fields and the rape or is it mustard (I can't tell the difference) is starting to flower...

Dasher waiting impatiently on the way back...

A rare picture of me taken on Sunday!

My Japanese Cherry tree is in full blossom and so pretty - the dogs run past it around the huse.

Guarding the gate - after the first walk with no jackets on!

Sunday the 12th of April
Son on a visit! I gave lunch and he gave a lot of fun with his new drone, that is just SO well made and can "do anything", plus take video and still photos. Wonderful to have a bird's eye view of things. We went on a long walk over the fields in the afternoon. Below, he started the drone from a dog's bed. Dasher is amazed!
The screen is his iPhone! The picture quality is fantastic. The drone is very little, see here.
Below is part of the roof of my house and carport, driveway with his car parked in it, then my kitchen garden and my road and opposite neighbours etc.!
The dogs weren't really interested after the first few minutes! Solo left and Dasher staring at it right.

Dasher is already bored with it! Below right, we went on a long walk and here it is about to start from the ground on the path.
Below, what it filmed - I took screen shots.

One can see the sea in the far distance.

The drone filmed us from quite close up! The weather was sunny but with a very cold northerly wind.

Saturday the 11th of April
Fun in the sun!

Wednesday the 8th of April
I spotted a lone hare in the field this morning! Can you see it! Dead center of the photo! Then I zoom in a little.

I was fascinated by the moon yesterday evening. Should be even more beautiful tonight.

Sunday the 29th of March
Our first snow came in March! (Melted just a few hours later in the bright sunshine.)

Below: Peeing in the snow early morning.

Below: Saturday evening - a beautiful evening sky!

Below, spotted in the newspaper: Some bright spark gave The Little Mermaid a mask and some alcohol spray - which the police quickly removed! I thought it was rather funny!

Below: I had two good friends to lunch who bought Sushi and wine en route - and we had a wonderful, much needed natter! (The dogs always live in the hopes...)

Saturday the 28th of March
Solo always loves to sit on the sofa arm in this funny way!

Manday the 23rd of March
An incredible sunshine and light frost.

After walk!

Thursday the 19th of March
A totally nonchalant cat sunning itself who totally ignores the dogs - while they bark and dart at it, dying to give chase!

Then it casually strolls across the road and into a garden, tail held high and just like they don't exist! They are completely amazed! I have photographed this cat before, so I think it knows us.

Below, pretty blossom is opening everywhere.

Thursday the 5th of March
A dull day brightened up by seeing two deer on the horizon! They stared for a long time because I am dressed in bright red, the dogs too, and they are only used to seeing hunters in camouflage trying to shoot them.

From the garden, and so pretty :

I have been giving my opposite neighbour's dog her lunch and a walk whilst they were away. She walks perfectly beside me, never pulls, and often looks up so I bend down and give her a petting! However, when nearly home, she just can't wait to get back! I could stop her, but it is so funny to see! Her house is in the middle of the picture:

Monday the 24th of February
I went on the bus and train to a family birthday party yesterday. The dogs love travelling and are angels. They get admired by many! It was freezing cold with a storm wind, hence the warm jackets from "Togs for Dogs"! Below, waiting for the bus - and on the bus to the station:
There was chaos after I arrived. While I was taking my coat off and greeting everyone, the two raced into the dining room where our “starters” of delicious smoked salmon, ditto mousse and cute decoration, was already laid out at the ready! They managed to eat two portions between them before we noticed! Problem solved, as the two youngest grandchildren did not want their portions, (saving themselves up for the birthday cake?), so we managed – but I am not sure if I am forgiven yet! Photo below taken after the "whiped clean" plates were removed!
Above right: Dasher gets cuddled at the table. Below: When Solo wants to show his love, he HAS to lick something made of metal - usually my watch. But here he is licking my sons iWatch and activating all sorts of things - maybe he is sending messages?!

Torsday the 20th of February 2020
The dogs know the time very precisely! They sometimes try to kid me about 11.30 that it is lunch time, but I tell them to go and sit down again, which they do. Then at exactly 2 minutes past 12 today, sometimes a bit before but not much, they say NOW it is time! Even though I may not break off and feed them for another half hour or so, they know exactly when it is 12 noon and tell me with no uncertain words/body language!!!

Tuesday the 18th of February
I have often seen deer running across the fields ahead of me, but this time one has taken the same walk along the muddy path as the dogs and me!
Solo enjoying a bone! His nose is bent upwards as he gnaws!

Wednesday the 12th of February
I love unusual coincidences and funny happenings and here's a little one! The dogs' harnesses have almost worn out after approx. 7 years of daily wear and the Velcro can hardly "stick" anymore. It was 7 years ago that I asked a kind Swedish Whippet breeder, who often exhibits here, if she could make harnesses for my two little ones? I had seen her harnesses on friends' Whippets and preferred the design to many others. I gave her some measurements and she cleverly down-scaled her Whippet harnesses to “Italian size” and here's Solo wearing one during Lure coursing.

So the other day, I emailed her and asked if she could make two new? Yes, she could! So I emailed a photo with all the measurements drawn in Photoshop.

She emailed a bill and shortly after, she finished sewing and sent a small package to me. The package came - BUT the Swedish Post Office who printed the official label, had only written "7" and not "127", so the package ended in postbox no. 7 at the start of my road.
And this is the funny part: At the start of my road, there are 31 small homes built specially for young students and no. 7 belongs to the only young woman I know there. This because she shows Whippets at Dog Shows with great success and together with her mother, (who I have known for many years), is Whippet Breeder! (I had Whippets for 29 years before I went over to Italians.) What a strange coincidence that it was exactly HER and not a complete stranger, who got the package! She immediately wrote via Messenger and showed a photo of the package, which I confirmed was mine - and next morning she popped it in my postbox on her way to work and I was on a dog walk. I think it's VERY funny, especially when the Whippet world is very small here and she is the only person in the 1-31 houses who I know - and loves Whippets like I do! Her mother breeds them! (Although the breed has grown larger in Denmark compared to the time I got my first in 1984, it is still virtually unknown.) That's what I call an unusual stroke of luck!

Monday the 10th of February
Had the family to lunch yesterday but I was soooo busy, I only took a few photos - here are the pair pathetically asking for some tit-bits at the table!

Below: Dasher has just been shown really close up, all the food that he is NOT having! But my son has now done this for over 10 years, so he is used to the torture!

Spring is on the way!

Dasher seems to think this is a comfortable way of chewing a bone! Below another walk.

Tuesday the 21st of January

At last a break in the rain and I take the the pumpkins a long walk over the fields, lighting up whereever they are!

Solo steals from my office wastepaper basket!
I am squeezing the juice of an orange and once years ago, Dasher liked mandarins. I offer a half to Solo who backs off. Then I try Dasher - he isn't sure but he takes it and drops it. Then, just because he showed an interest, Solo HAD to grab it – but then he too loses interest! They prefer strawberries and plums any day!

Tuesday the 21st of January

Spring is on the way! But the dogs don't know it! Here is Dasher in his bed all pink with warmth.

The morning sun lights up all the beech leaves - soon to blow away...
Below, silly play!

Tuesday the 14th of January

My two pumpkins glowing in the rising sun! Below: Spot the dog! Dasher keeping as warm as toast.

Monday the 6th of January 2020

Talk about climate change, here is a mosquito who dared to follow me inside this morning, in the hope of a quick meal! It never knew what hit it! We should be wading around in snow and freezing weather right now, but it is just wet and very mild!
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